Ugreen USB C Triple Display Docking Station review - Sleek, stylish, and almost perfect

One of the best docking stations around, with support for up to an 8K monitor

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Put simply, the Ugreen USB C Triple Display Docking Station is one of the best docks around. It looks phenomenal, with a plethora of ports and useful extras. There are all the USB ports you could want, along with support for up to three monitors, including an 8K display. There's no support for M2 Mac here unfortunately, but for everyone else it's an excellent option.


  • +

    Stunning design and build

  • +

    Excellent array of ports (USB, USB-C, HDMI, Displayport, and SD-card slots)

  • +

    Support for three monitors with one 8K


  • -

    No support for M2 Macs

  • -

    Could use Thunderbolt support

  • -

    No power adapter in the box

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USB docks are a dime a dozen. Just pop in 'USB-C hub' or 'USB-C docking station' into an Amazon search and see how many hits you get. Go on. I'll wait. Back? Did you notice how many of those on offer look exactly the same, as if the same device with a different name on it? Standing out in an already busy crowd is a tall ask for any company, even if you've already got a good range of USB hubs already. Ugreen took it upon themselves to stand out in the space with triple display support and, perhaps more uniquely, 8K monitor support. It's a brave move - but one that seems to have paid off for them with the USB-C Triple Display Docking Station.

Bringing solid connectivity options, plenty of display ports, and some surprise extras on top of its stellar design, the Ugreen docking station is an excellent choice for professionals looking for a way to keep their desk setups running smoothly in one small aluminum monolith. I love this thing - and you probably will too. 

Ugreen Triple Display Docking Station - Price, and Availability

You can grab the USB-C docking station at Ugreen’s website, and they’ll ship worldwide. This is the option to go with if you live outside of the US, as the other option will cost more for non-US residents.

For those in the US, pop over to Amazon. The docking station costs $330 on both Amazon and on Ugreen’s website.

Ugreen Triple Display Docking Station Pro - What I liked

Ugreen dock

(Image credit: iMore/ Tammy Rogers)

Ok, so here’s the thing - despite my tiny desk, I have big desk needs. I need multiple HDMI or display ports for my screens, umpteen USB ports for my accessories, and a slot for occasional Micro SD use. I have struggled in the past to find one of the best USB-C hubs for my MacBook Pro that provides all these things in a package that fits nicely into my desk aesthetics-wise, along with the key requirement; I need something that runs my ultrawide with no issues at all. So as you can imagine, when Ugreen reached out to us with a dock that outputs an 8K picture, you can bet my ears pricked up like a fox that's just seen you in the garden.

It fills my use case beautifully. First of all, it looks wicked. It’s a small, aluminum tower or monolith-looking thing. It’s sturdy, and there’s a quadruplet of small rubber feet on the bottom to ensure it doesn’t slip around. While other docking stations I’ve used have slid around when plugging something in the front of the device, this one remains rooted to the spot, no matter how violently I may plug in an SD card or my mouse USB dongle. All the ports are clearly labeled, and I can’t see the finely printed text rubbing off anytime soon. This isn’t designed to be an ‘Apple-alike’ product, but it fits smoothly into the groove between a Mac or Windows setup, and it will look great in either.

Ugreen dock

(Image credit: iMore/ Tammy Rogers)

Tech specs are equally impressive, rivaling far more expensive docking stations. There are three different display inputs in the back - a Display Port that's capable of pumping out a 4K resolution at 60HZ, an HDMI that will do the same, and then the cherry on the display output cake; an HDMI port that’ll do 8K at 30Hz. While I was unable to source an 8K monitor with which to test this port out, I stuck the other end of the cable connected to my 3440 x 1440 monitor, and it worked an absolute treat, giving me max resolution and a 100Hz refresh rate. Display port works well, and the other HDMI port, which runs my 1080p monitor, works flawlessly too. If you've got one of the best 4K monitors for Mac, then you'll be completely fine.

There are also a whole bunch of other connectivity options on the back of the dock, including two USB A ports, a power delivery, and connectivity USB-C port that goes to the laptop, and a power USB-C port that the docking station uses to supply the laptop with the power it needs to charge.

An ethernet port rounds out the ports on the back of the device, which Ugreen claims will run at a full Gigabyte per second. Unfortunately, I am not lucky enough to live somewhere with such a lofty internet connection, but it sure carried my measly 200 Mbps with aplomb.

There are as many ports and connections as you need - and I’ve never been left wanting for places to plug in while I’ve been testing the dock. All this adds up to be one of the most useful USB docks I have ever used

But that's not all! There is a whole range of extra ports on the front. There’s BOTH a full-size SD card reader and a MicroSD card reader on the front (great for photographers), two speedy 10GBps USB 3.1 ports in USB A and USB C form to quickly transfer files to a thumb drive (or just stick your mouse dongle in if you’ve used the other ports on the back for a keyboard and webcam), and a headphone jack (if your laptop doesn’t have one). Phew. So that's what's in it - but why is it good?

Every single port here is useful and, so far, reliable. The numbers all stack up with Ugreens claims, with the USB ports on the back running at their full 5Gbps and the front flying along at 10Gbps. There are as many ports and connections as you need - and I’ve never been left wanting for places to plug in while I’ve been testing the dock. All this adds up to be one of the most useful USB docks I have ever used, letting me run my Big, ultrawide monitor, smaller standard widescreen display, and all my extra bits and bobs without having to rely on several smaller devices as I have in the past, all at a performance level of a much more expensive product. Power Delivery is a fantastic feature too, and eliminates desk clutter (to a degree, it won’t make you a tidier person).

Ugreen Triple Display Docking Station - What I didn't like

Ugreen dock

(Image credit: iMore/ Tammy Rogers)

Thankfully there’s not much to not like here. It perhaps gets a little hot during use, and there’s no power supply in the box (I just used the one that came with my best MacBook). If you’re being picky, you could ask for more USB A ports, but then you’d be picking hairs. It also lacks support for Thunderbolt, which is a pain, but I’ve never found myself thinking, ‘Man, I wish this had Thunderbolt support.’

Setup wasn't easy, but it became much easier once I started using the Display Link software. There is a little disc in the box that has all the drivers and software you need, but it's much easier to download it off the internet.

The biggest problem that I see is that Ugreen tells us not to use the dock with M2 Mac products. It's because of the display link software that the dock uses to connect to your multiple displays and how it still doesn't support the new M2 chipsets. That may not be a problem for many yet, given that there aren’t many M2 products available, but it is a key weakness that may drive the Mac crowd away. I was not able to test it with any M2-based hardware to find out if this was truly the case, unfortunately, so if you’re an early-ish adopter of the latest Apple Silicon, then this dock may not be the best for you.

Ugreen Triple Display Docking Station - Competition

There's not much if you want something that’ll pump out an 8K signal. This product is unique in this regard, with not many others offering the same. There’s the likes of Dell that make Docks as well, but they don’t look quite as good.

A blue Satechi USB-C Slim Dock for iMac connected to a iMac (2021)

(Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / imore)

Most recently, we reviewed the Satechi USB-C Slim Dock for iMac. It’s a slick dock for sure that suits a Mac-based desk, but it doesn't quite hold all the same ports and features of the Ugreen triple display dock. If you’re looking for a dock for an iMac, then the Satechi is a great option, but if you want more ports, then the Ugreen is the way to go.

Ugreen Triple Display Docking Station - Should you buy one

You should buy this if...

  • You’ve got an 8K monitor and need to connect it to a laptop
  • You need more USB ports
  • You need a dock that will power your laptop as you’re using it

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You need a cheaper dock
  • You have an M2 MacBook
  • You absolutely need Thunderbolt

Ugreen dock

(Image credit: iMore/ Tammy Rogers)

There’s not much wrong with the Ugreen Triple Display USB-C dock. Of course, for M2 users, it's off the list, but for everyone else with a Mac? It’s almost perfect.

The range of ports on offer is incredible, and its ability to hook up to three different displays is a godsend. The extra USB ports are brilliant, and the inclusion of SD card slots is great for photographers.

It might be nice to have an extra couple of USB ports and support for Thunderbolt, but I didn’t miss either much during my testing. It is also not a cheap dock - but for what you get out of it, it's more than worth it.

Like I said up top, it takes a lot for a USB dock to stand out from the crowd - but this Ugreen dock absolutely does. With a multitude of ports and display outputs, it's perfect for any power user or laptop-based professional who needs more in the way of performance.

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