Journey AXIE 3-in-1 charger combines MagSafe, powerbank charging and wall outlet power into a great summer holiday companion

The only charger you need in your suitcase, the Journey AXIE should always be on your trip-packing list.

Journey AXIE 3-in-1 portable charger on grass
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iMore Verdict

With its multiple charging options and double-duty as a portable powerbank, the Journey AXIE is a great package for the travelling gadget user.


  • +

    Clever, versatile design

  • +

    Multi-purpose portability

  • +

    Travel bag completes the package


  • -

    A little chunky to hang out of a wall outlet

  • -

    Big for a battery pack

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The gadget travel checklist seems to get bigger with every trip. Which cables should I bring? Which international adapters? Do I have space for a powerbank? It’s easy to turn up to a flight with the head-slapping realisation you’ve left an important piece of the charging puzzle in a drawer back home.

The Journey AXIE 3-in-1 charger is designed to take that stress away, acting as the only power-providing device you need to take away with you. Acting as a powerbank, wall charger and MagSafe charger all-in-one, it’s a great package that anyone looking to streamline their travel packing should consider.

Journey AXIE 3-in-1 portable charger on grass

(Image credit: Future)

Price and availability

The Journey AXIE 10,000mAh global charger and power bank is available now, priced at $139.99. That puts it towards the top end of what you could expect to pay for one of the best wireless chargers for multiple devices — but comes with the flexibility of doubling up as a very capable battery pack, too. Throw in the multiple global power adapters and a suitcase-friendly travel case, and it helps justify the price tag.

What I love

The smart 3-in-1 design is what makes the Journey AXIE so easy to recommend. Not only is it a travel-friendly wall charger package, complete with multiple global wall adapters, but the AXIE also features a MagSafe wireless charging element, and can be used on the go as a mobile battery pack. With a 10,000mAh capacity, that's a good size in terms of portable power too — good for about two charges of an iPhone 15 Pro.

Made of a white matte plastic, the Journey AXIE actually looks a lot like a standard wall charger for MacBook Pro in terms of its shape, and is a similar size at 91mm x 91mm x 35mm, with a 366g weight. It has a US-style two-pin power prong that can flip down in its default configuration, but in the box come slide-on adapters for the UK, EU and AU. 

These are all kept neatly in a grey faux-leather carry case, which also has room for the charger itself. The AXIE also comes with a short USB-C power cable of its own, with one end ending in a right-angle connector. A simple cable tie and catch for the other end of the cable lets it double up as a carry handle for the charger too — a neat touch.

Journey AXIE 3-in-1 portable charger on grass

(Image credit: Future)

You’ve two charging options with the Journey AXIE — directly from a wall, or via the 10,000mAh battery built in. Via the wall, you get access to two USB-C ports, sharing 35W. When in power bank mode you get access to the raised MagSafe-compatible wireless charging element on the left hand side of the charger — 10W goes to the wireless charging element, with 20W shared between the USB-C ports. If you’re just using the wireless charging spot alone, it’ll pump 15W to your device, enough to be considered a fast-charger with Apple’s iPhone. If you don’t have a MagSafe device, an adhesive magnetic ring is included in the box that can be stuck on the back of other handsets, to allow for non-slip wireless charging.

A five-point power indicator sits on the side where the USB-C ports live, next to a power button — you’ll have to switch the charger on before it’ll start to give its juice up in powerbank mode. You can also pass through charge a device while the powerbank refills its own reserves.

It’s a well-thought-out design across the board — portable, flexible and easy to use.

What I don’t love

There’s not much criticism to level at the Journey AXIE. It’s well thought out for the most part, and priced fairly for the design ingenuity on show.

Journey AXIE 3-in-1 portable charger on grass

(Image credit: Future)

My one criticism would be that, though it’s portable given its multiple use cases, it is quite big for a wall charger. I’d imagine that using its US two-pin default plug in particular (I’m based in the UK and use the three-pin outlet style) would see its weight and shape lean a little out of the wall. Perhaps an AXIE mini that reduced the internal battery capacity for a more pocketable and wall-friendly size will alleviate this sometime down the road, but even today it’s just a minor gripe with an otherwise rock-solid item.

Should You Buy It?

Buy it if...

  • You’re a regular traveller with MagSafe devices
  • You’re looking to charge multiple devices at once
  • You want to save space on carrying both wall adapters and battery packs

Don't buy it if...

  • You want a pocketable battery pack
  • You have older devices that don’t use MagSafe
  • You don’t travel with multiple gadgets

Journey AXIE 3-in-1 portable charger on grass

(Image credit: Future)


There’s great attention to detail with the Journey AXIE. From the holding recess for the included cable to the magnetic cable tie that turns the lead into a carrying handle, you can see that a lot of thought has gone into elevating it above your usual travel gadget. It’s well-realized and well-executed, with the slight exception being its weighty nature when used in a wall socket. It’s otherwise great though, and I know which charger I’ll now be reaching for when I go on my own travels later this year.

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