You can get the M3 MacBook Pro for its lowest price ever, but there's an extra step to get the saving

Apple MacBook Pro M3 deals
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The M3 MacBook Pro brings the svelte chassis and stunning 14-inch display of the more expensive models to a more affordable price, skipping out on the more powerful M3 Pro and Max chips. At the moment, you can save $200 on the M3 MacBook Pro — although there is a hoop you have to jump through first.

There is one thing that you should keep in mind before going to buy your brand new MacBook: Amazon has hidden $50 of the discount behind a tick box on the product page. Click that, and you’ll get the full discount when you check out — so make sure to double-check the price in the last stage of your purchase in case you miss out!

M3 MacBook Pro $200 off

M3 MacBook Pro | $1599$1399 at Amazon

M3 MacBook Pro | <a href="" data-link-merchant="Amazon US"">$1599 $1399 at Amazon

$1399 is the lowest price we’ve seen on the M3 MacBook Pro and accounts for a massive $200 saving. At this price, the MacBook Pro is well worth looking at over the MacBook Air models, as you get better cooling and a more impressive screen with ProMotion.

The M3 MacBook Pro replaced the aging touch bar models, ditching the ever-controversial function row display for a sleeker chassis and a much nicer screen. One of the best parts of that screen is ProMotion, which ups the refresh rate to 120Hz for a super smooth experience.

It’s thicker than the latest M3 MacBook Air, but that just means that the internals are better cooled by a fan when things get really hot, letting you get more out of the M3 chip at its core. That chip is paired with 8GB of RAM, and a 512GB SSD, giving you plenty of juice for most normal work applications. Those with heavier demands will want to look at the M3 Pro or Max models, but the M3 MacBook Pro will be plenty for the rest of us. Either way, this is one of the best MacBooks at an incredible price.

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