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AirPods are Apple's take on the headphones space, and while we might be a little biased, some of the best your money can buy. There's an AirPod for everyone, from the relatively low-cost AirPods 3 all the way up to the astronomically expensive AirPods Max. Connecting them to your best iPhone is an absolute breeze; just pop them out of the case near your device and they'll magically appear and pair.

They will, of course, work best with Apple Music, Apple's rather excellent streaming service which boasts millions of tracks and hi-res streaming.

The current AirPod lineup

There's a great range of AirPods available, from the budget to the extremely expensive: This is the AirPods product line.

Getting more from your AirPods

AirPods are, in many ways, magic. They connect to your iPhone like you where casting a spell, Spatial Audio makes music sound like its coming from all around you, and they're designs have become synonymous with in-ear buds in many cases. But there's always a way to make sure you're getting everything possible from your AirPods; here are just some hints.

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