Apple fixes reappearing photo bug in iOS 17.5.1 alongside other iPhone improvements – you should install it immediately

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Apple has rolled out a new software update to all iPhone users to fix a major bug. iOS 17.5.1 is now available for everyone with the best iPhones or iPads, and you should install it immediately. That includes the new iPad Pro and Air models. But iPhone users are the ones that are going to want to pay close attention.

The update fixes a serious bug that was causing deleted photos to reappear in the Photos app. Users were seeing photos they'd deleted as far back as 10 years reappear on their phone. And it got even worse. Some were finding their photos reappearing on devices they'd sold on to other people – even when it was being used with a different iCloud account.

Apple says that the main goal of this update is to address "a rare issue where photos that experienced database corruption could reappear in the Photos library even if they were deleted." It does give some explanation for the issue, and should address it going forwards.

This update comes a few days after users started noticing the bug, so it is refreshing to see Apple issue a fix so quickly. You will find the new software in the Settings app under Software Update. Unlike the beta versions, you don't need to be enrolled in any programs.

What else is new in iOS 17.5.1?

The update comes a week after Apple rolled out iOS 17.5. This update contained bug fixes, enhancements to make the software more stable, extra anti-stalking features for AirTags and other Bluetooth trackers, and a new feature that lets you send off your iPhone for repair without needing to disable Find My and Activation Lock.

In the release notes for iOS 17.5.1, Apple mentions that the update brings other bug fixes to your iPhone. It doesn't mention any specifics, but these extra fixes are yet another reason that you should download the update to your iPhone immediately.

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