Get $60 off Apple Watch SE at Amazon — The perfect entry-level Apple smartwatch, now even more reasonably priced

Apple Watch SE deals
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We love an Apple Watch here at iMore, and the Apple Watch SE with its budget sensibilities is one of our favorites. Its low cost does everything you need, and comes in some great colors — and still works with all the straps you can find at the Apple Store. It is, in essence, the Apple Watch for everyone.

And now you can get one for a great discounted price at Amazon. With $60 off full price, you can get a 40mm Apple Watch SE for $189. That’s not quite its lowest price ever, but you’ll likely have to wait for the likes of Black Friday before that comes back.

Apple Watch SE savings

Apple Watch SE 40mm | $249$189 at Amazon

Apple Watch SE 40mm | $249 $189 at Amazon

This isn’t quite the lowest price the Apple Watch SE has ever been, but it's only $10 away. The discount is on all the colors and strap options as well, although the final price will differ depending on whether you choose a 40mm or a 44mm.

The Apple Watch SE is the best Apple Watch for teens, according to, well us, but there are some key reasons why your youngling doesn’t need something more fully featured or expensive. It’s cheap, for one, so it matters less if it gets smashed in a freak skatepark accident. It’s also got all the features you actually need — a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connection for a pair of AirPods 2, and a screen to tell you the time.

Sure, you could buy them a Series 9, but then you’ve got almost $400 worth of smartwatch on the wrist of perhaps the most accident-prone people in the country, so expect cracked screens and loads of Apple Care+ quotes. The SE still has everything your teen needs — and, now it’s even more affordable.

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