OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone case review: Slim MagSafe compatible protection

Otterbox Aneu Series Iphone Case 12 Hero
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Bottom line: The OtterBox Aneu is slim, protective, and MagSafe-compatible.


  • +

    Slim but protective

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    Rubbery edges provide good grip

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    Wireless charging and MagSafe compatible

  • +

    Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • -


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    Not to everyone's taste

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OtterBox is well-known for protection, which is why you'll often see OtterBox on our lists of the best iPhone cases. The new Aneu series iPhone cases offer up great protection in a slim, pocket-friendly form factor. The back of the case is a smooth, hard polycarbonate while the edges are synthetic rubber for a confident grip. It's made specifically for MagSafe charging, so you'll get that satisfying click and cool animation when you pop it onto your MagSafe charger. Of course, it also works with any wireless charger. The OtterBox Aneu Series cases are available only for the iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 mini, 12 Pro Max.

All-over great choice

OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone case review: What I like

Otterbox Aneu Series Iphone Case 12 Lifestyle

Otterbox Aneu Series Iphone Case 12 Lifestyle (Image credit: Karen S Freeman / iMore)

The case is sleek and smooth with a rubbery bumper in a nicely contrasting color that provides a nice grip. A clicky cover in a third color protects the Sleep/Wake and volume buttons. Precision cutouts for the mute switch, camera, Lightning port, and speakers ensure the iPhone works perfectly within the case. The lip of the case does come up just over the screen for that facedown protection. The case is thick enough that the camera module is similarly protected.

The inside of the case has a sticker with a circle indicating the MagSafe placement. Not that it's necessary, because as soon as you have your phone in this case near a MagSafe charger, it just clicks right into place.

OtterBox's Aneu case strikes a nice balance between protection and bulk. The protective hard polycarbonate back and synthetic rubber edges all the way around combine to give you all-over protection without a lot of bulk. The OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone cases also hit the sweet spot between colorful and professional-looking, with four colorways: Black Licorice (black with gray buttons), Marsupial Beige/Teal (beige back, teal bumper, lime green buttons), Blue Heeler (my case with the blue back, gray bumper, lime green buttons), and Pink Robin (pink back, purple bumper, light pink buttons.) Note that Apple labels the same colors differently, as Black, Stone, Blue, and Pink, respectively.

Personal taste

OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone case review: What I don't like

Otterbox Aneu Series Iphone Case 12 Lifestyle

Otterbox Aneu Series Iphone Case 12 Lifestyle (Image credit: Karen S Freeman / iMore)

The biggest complaint about this case is going to be the price, of course. Outside of that, I really can't think of anything not to like unless that aesthetics simply aren't to your tastes. The Otterbox branding is clearly visible along one edge of the case. Sure, I wouldn't mind seeing a wider variety of color options. If you like luxury leather or clear cases that show off your phone, this isn't either of those.

The competition

iPhone 12 Clear Magsafe Case

iPhone 12 Clear Magsafe Case (Image credit: iMore)

The Apple MagSafe Case is an obvious case to consider if you're shopping for a MagSafe case. For about the same price as the OtterBox Aneu case, you're getting a case dreamed up by Apple's own designers. The case is clear so you can show off the color of your iPhone, and the MagSafe circle is clearly visible.

If you're looking for something a bit cheaper but you still want the magical self-aligning MagSafe case, consider the Sonix Case with MagSafe Charging. Like Apple's and OtterBox's cases, there are several color options. Not only is the Sonix case a little cheaper than OtterBox's or Apple's cases, but you can even get a case and charger bundle with Sonix's own MagSafe-type charger included for a few bucks more.

OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone case review: Should you buy

Otterbox Aneu Series Iphone Case 12 Lifestyle

Otterbox Aneu Series Iphone Case 12 Lifestyle (Image credit: Karen S Freeman / iMore)

You should buy this if ...

You want a MagSafe-compatible case

Sure, any case that is thin enough to charge wirelessly will work just fine with your MagSafe charger. But only a MagSafe case will self-align, click onto the charger satisfyingly, and show you the charging animation to let you know your iPhone's charging status

You want slim protection

Generally, a big bulky case protects best, but a slim case is easier to use and carry. The OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone case strikes a nice balance. It's thick enough and covers enough of the phone to protect it, yet it's thin enough to place in your skinniest jeans pocket.

You want a pop of color

Otterbox offers some nice colorways in addition to basic black. The rubber bumper and buttons are different colors for just a bit of contrast in an otherwise basic-looking case.

You should not buy this if ...

It's out of your budget

This isn't a cheap case.

It's not to your taste

If you like elegant leather, or you prefer a clear case, or some other style, this isn't going to be your taste.

If it's in your budget and you like the style, consider the OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone case. It's got that fun MagSafe compatibility that lets you take full advantage of Apple's MagSafe charger. The case offers all-over protection and a pop of color while maintaining a low profile.

While it's not cheap, the OtterBox Aneu Series iPhone case is a worthy purchase if you're looking for that just-right blend of form and function. The hard polycarbonate back, grippy rubber bumper, and solid clickable button covers make for a nice protective case without a lot of bulk. All three elements are a different color in most of the colorways, so you get a nice little pop of color, too. The Aneu is MagSafe-compatible, meaning that it will self-align when placed near a MagSafe charger. It will satisfyingly click into place to charge, and you'll get that animation that lets you know your iPhone's charging status.

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