Lewis Hamilton's F1 movie release date revealed — Brad Pitt to star in Apple Original coming to theaters in 2025

F1 Movie
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As the final cars line up on the grid, a hush descends upon the crowd in the grandstands. The lights come on one by one — five, four, three, two... one! With a roar of engines and squeal of massive tires, 20 F1 cars plummet towards the first corner at nearly 200mph, jostling for position...

F1 is a uniquely exciting sport, as the best drivers in the world drive some of the most specialized cars at insane speeds around a track for an hour and a half, all while barking orders and feedback to their teams in the garage. We've been looking forward to seeing how modern F1 would pan out in a movie, ever since we saw the gold and black car driven by the movie's leading man zoom around Silverstone and other tracks over the last couple of years.

Now, we're a step closer to seeing Apple's new F1 movie, produced by seven-time F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, as it has a release date for its theater launch next year.

When can I watch the F1 movie?

Thanks to the official F1 site, we now know that the movie will be released next year in June — June 27, 2025, to be precise. That's also when you'll be able to watch it in IMAX, giving you "crystal-clear images, coupled with IMAX’s customized theatre geometry and powerful digital audio, creating a unique environment for audiences." Or something.

We'd expect it'll release after that on Apple TV Plus, where you can watch it on your Apple TV 4K or best iPhone.

As for the movie itself, it features Brad Pitt in the leading role, playing an older racing driver as he navigates the sport and its younger drivers. It's directed by Top Gun: Maverick's Joseph Kosinski, produced by Chad Oman and Jerry Bruckheimer of Pirates of the Caribbean fame, and will also feature talents like Javier Bardem, Tobias Menzies, and more.

It's all going to be consulted by seven-time F1 world champion Sir Lewis Hamilton, and uses real-time footage from F1 races — it should be one to keep an eye on for more than just F1 fans. Not long to wait now, either, so make sure you get caught up with the current season!

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