Microsoft's controversial Recall AI feature delayed indefinitely, but you can still test it

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Microsoft's Copilot ecosystem looked to be off to a solid start with some slick new Surface devices, but one of its biggest AI features was met with more scrutiny than anything Apple revealed as part of Apple Intelligence.

Recall, a feature intended to help you go back to anything you've done on your laptop, was intended to work by taking regular screenshots of whatever you're doing on your computer.

As you can imagine, it was dubbed a potential invasion of privacy, even with Microsoft's assurances it would be handled locally and an "optional experience". It even drew the gaze of the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), a UK data watchdog.

Now, it appears the feature won't be arriving as soon as expected.

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Microsoft's Recall feature is on ice

As spotted by 9to5Mac, Microsoft has updated its blog post ahead of the Surface devices launching, with the Recall feature not arriving with them as planned.

"Recall will now shift from a preview experience broadly available for Copilot+ PCs on June 18, 2024, to a preview available first in the Windows Insider Program (WIP) in the coming weeks," the blog explains.

"Following receiving feedback on Recall from our Windows Insider Community, as we typically do, we plan to make Recall (preview) available for all Copilot+ PCs coming soon."

"We are adjusting the release model for Recall to leverage the expertise of the Windows Insider community to ensure the experience meets our high standards for quality and security."

"This decision is rooted in our commitment to providing a trusted, secure and robust experience for all customers and to seek additional feedback prior to making the feature available to all Copilot+ PC users."

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