Mac mini M2 plummets below $500 — the Mac that everyone should buy has a massive $100 saving

Apple Mac mini deal of the day
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The Mac mini M2 is, without a doubt, our favorite Mac in the lineup. It’s perfectly sized to fit on even the smallest of desks, powerful enough for the kind of work most people do, and comes in at a great, affordable price.

Now, that price has just become even more affordable with a $100 discount at Amazon. That’s only $20 away from its previous lowest, and we tend to only see savings like that around sales events like Black Friday or Prime Day.

Massive Mac mini savings

Mac mini |$599$499 at Amazon

Mac mini | $599 $499 at Amazon

While this isn’t the lowest price we’ve ever seen on the Mac mini, it’s still an incredible saving on Apple’s most affordable computer. It’s got all the power you really need, and you only have to provide a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to get going.

The Mac mini comes with the M2 at its core, powering the computer with the same chip as the MacBook Air with M2. The mini will cool that chip better, of course, given it has got actual fans to keep everything from getting too toasty, so you’ll get more power out of the Mac mini than you would out of the MacBook — and it's half the price.

You do, of course, need to add a screen and peripherals with the Mac mini. You’ll want one of the best keyboards for Mac, as well as one of the best monitors for Mac. Thankfully, both of these can also be picked up fairly cheaply, so you won’t need to spend too much on completing your Mac mini setup.

If you’ve already got a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, then this deal is really a no-brainer. Upgrade from your old desktop to one that’s fresh and new, and save $100 while you’re at it. A neat saving on a very neat machine.

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