The USB-C Apple Pencil is now even cheaper as it hits refurbished stores in Europe — but Prime Day is a better option

Apple Pencil USB-C
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The Apple Pencil USB-C is the company’s cheapest iPad stylus, and now it just got an even friendlier tag in several European countries. 

First unveiled in October last year, the Apple Pencil USB-C brings much of the basic functionality of the Pencil (drawing, writing, sketching, etc) to users in a much cheaper format than either the Apple Pencil 2 or the new Apple Pencil Pro. To that end, it’s also been reasonably priced at $79/£79. If that’s still too much, you can now pick one up at a discount from Apple’s refurbished store. 

The Apple Pencil USB-C is now available refurbished in the UK for the price of £69, as well as a host of other countries in Europe at a similar discount. 

Should you buy a refurbished Apple Pencil? 

While you might have some reservations about buying a refurbished Mac or iPhone, buying a refurbished Apple Pencil seems to be a no-brainer at first glance. Each one has been tested by Apple, repaired with replacement parts from Apple, cleaned, and repackaged in a new box. Anything from Apple refurbished comes with Apple’s one-year warranty, too. 

The only thing that might give you pause, is that Amazon’s Prime Day Apple deals are just around the corner, and the best Prime Day iPad deals feature savings on Apple Pencil, including the USB-C model. 

The USB-C model isn’t discounted in the UK right now, but it is likely to see a discount in the next few days. If you’re in the U.S. (where the refurbished option isn’t currently available), you can snag a brand-new one for the same price as Apple’s refurbished offering. So why wait for Apple to offer refurbs if you can buy a new one for the same price?

The USB-C Apple Pencil works with all of Apple’s most recent tablets including its best iPad, the new M4 iPad Pro. It’s also compatible with the M2 iPad Air, as well as the previous M2 iPad Pro and M1 iPad Pro models, and the iPad mini 6

Apple Pencil USB-C | $79$69 at Amazon

Apple Pencil USB-C | $79 $69 at Amazon

The refurbished Apple Pencil isn't available in the U.S., but you can just buy one from Amazon for the same price, and it'll be brand new!

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