iPad Pro guru users Github hack to get Fallout 2 running on Apple's touchscreen tablet

Fallout 2 running on an iPad Pro in a red case
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A delighted iPad Pro user on Reddit has revealed that you can successfully install and run the classic post-apocalyptic RPG Fallout 2 on Apple’s tablet, with just a bit of Github know-how. 

User Party-Leadership-522 took to Reddit to share their creation with the simple caption “Fallout 2 on the iPad Pro. A dream come true.” While they didn’t share the rundown of how to get this delightful hack working, some helpful commenters have revealed it’s most likely been made possibly by way of Github and some sideloading. 

Fallout 2 “Community Edition” is “a fully working re-implementation of Fallout 2, with the same original gameplay, engine bug fixes, and some quality of life improvements.” The project even supports some total conversion mods, and apparently works “(mostly) hassle-free on” various platforms including 

Fallout 2 on iPad 

To get Fallout 2 up and running on iPad, you’ll need to own a copy of the game, either on Steam or GOG. You can actually use this Github application to install Fallout 2 on macOS too, and it’ll run natively on Apple silicon and any of the best MacBooks. On the iPad, things are a touch more complicated. You’ll need to use a sideloading application such as AltStore or Sideloadly to install the game, and there are a couple of tweaks you’ll need to make before the game is up and running. 

But if you’ve found yourself with the nuclear RPG bug after watching Fallout on Amazon, this is a perfect and very fun way to enjoy the game on iPad or Mac. 

Released in 1998, Fallout 2 is the sequel to the incredibly popular original Fallout Game, and the forebear of the inimitable Fallout 3 and its other subsequent titles. The second iteration boasted similar mechanics and graphics to the original, with the story taking place 80 years after the events of Fallout.

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