Amazon Prime Day iPad deals 2024: All the best deals in one place

Amazon Prime Day 2024
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It's now the second day of Prime Day, and we're still seeing some incredible deals on iPads in the waning hours of the sale. We've still got the lowest ever prices on the iPad 10th gen and the iPad mini, for example, along with reductions on some of the latest models.

So the Pro models are also reduced in both 11 and 13-inch variants, as well as the two-size options of the iPad Air M2. The whole range is reduced in some way or another, making this year's Prime Day the perfect time to grab yourself an iPad.

There are also loads of Apple Prime Day deals still on the go, with some great discounts on the likes of AirPods, iPhones, Apple Watches, and more. We're keeping an eye on all the deals during the sale, so that we can help you find the best prices possible. Here are the best Prime Day iPad deals.

Prime Day Apple deals at a glance

Best Prime Day iPad Pro deals

iPad Pro M4 11-inch | $999 $929at Amazon

iPad Pro M4 11-inch | $999 $929 at Amazon

The brand-new iPad Pro M4 11-inch is the most powerful tablet Apple has ever made and you can pick it up right now with 256GB storage with $70 off at Amazon.

Price check: $999 at Best Buy | $999 at B&H Photo | $999 at Apple

iPad Pro M4 13-inch | $1,299$1,198 at Amazon

iPad Pro M4 13-inch | $1,299 $1,198 at Amazon

Amazon currently offers the larger 13-inch iPad Pro with $101 off, a fantastic saving before Prime Day and one we might not see beat during the summer shopping event, given this iPad is only a couple of months old.

Price check: $1299 at Best Buy | $1299 at B&H Photo | $1299 at Apple

Best Prime Day iPad Air deals

M2 iPad Air 11-inch |$699$649 at Amazon

M2 iPad Air 11-inch | $699 $649 at Amazon

Despite being very new, you can save $50 on Apple's brand-new iPad Air, replete with M2 chip, a fantastic 11-inch display, Wi-Fi 6E, Touch ID, and more. 

Price check: $599 at Best Buy | $599 at B&H Photo | $599 at Apple

M2 iPad Air 13-inch |$799$738 at Amazon

M2 iPad Air 13-inch | $799 $738 at Amazon

The new 13-inch iPad Air also has a discount right now with $60 off at Amazon. If you want a large iPad without splashing out on an iPad Pro then this is the perfect tablet for you.

Price check: $799 at Best Buy | $769 at B&H Photo | $799 at Apple

Best Prime Day iPad deals

iPad 10th-gen | $349$299 at Amazon

iPad 10th-gen | $349 $299 at Amazon

This is the new lowest price for the 10th-generation iPad, bringing the tablet down by $50. That's the 64GB — although there is a similar saving on the higher storage 256GB model if you want more space for your apps and games.

Price check: $349 at Best Buy | $329 at B&H Photo | $349 at Apple

Best Prime Day iPad mini deals

iPad mini | $499$379 at Amazon

iPad mini | $499 $379 at Amazon

That's a new lowest price for the iPad mini as well, chopping $120 off the full price for a magnificent saving. All of the colors are in the sale as well, so you can get just the iPad that you've been looking for.

Price check: $499 at Best Buy | $469 at B&H Photo | $499 at Apple

Best Prime Day iPad accessory deals

Apple Pencil (USB-C) |$79$69 at Amazon

Apple Pencil (USB-C) | $79 $69 at Amazon

Save $10 on the very cheap USB-C Apple Pencil, the perfect budget option for most people. Works with nearly every iPad including the new M4 iPad Pro and the M2 iPad Air. 

Apple Pencil 2 | $129$79 at Amazon

Apple Pencil 2 | $129 $79 at Amazon

This is the lowest-ever price on the Apple Pencil 2, which offers a few more features over the Apple Pencil (USB-C) for a slightly higher price. The only catch is that it doesn't work with the new iPad Pro or iPad Air. 

iPad Magic Keyboard | $299$249 at Amazon

iPad Magic Keyboard | $299 $249 at Amazon

Although it’s great to have Delta arrive on iPad, you don’t want a bunch of fingerprints on the tablet’s display when playing all those games. The iPad Magic Keyboard, down to $249, works with the emulator, so you can press as many keys as you want when playing a game through Delta!

Price check: $249 at Best Buy | $269 at B&H Photo | $299 at Apple


When is Prime Day 2024?

Prime Day takes place this month, between July 16-17.

Do I need a Prime Account?

Yes, you'll need an Amazon Prime account to get access to the best discounts when Prime Day comes around. You can sign up for a free trial here.

30-day free Prime trial

30-day free Prime trial

You can give Prime a free go with the 30-day free trial — just remember to get yours closer to the time so that you don't miss out on the sale. 

What Apple deals are there over Prime Day?

Prime Day is usually excellent for Apple deals and we expect to see some fantastic offers across the board for iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple Watches, AirPods, and more.

Does Apple reduce prices over Prime Day?

Apple doesn't directly lower its prices over Prime Day, but its devices find lower prices at Amazon. There are often deals on other retailers like Best Buy as well, as they try to keep up with the lowered prices.

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