WatchOS 11 might add a huge upgrade, but you'll need a 2024 Apple Watch to use it

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Apple's WWDC 2024 is so close we can hear Tim's "Good Morning!" already, but more leaks are popping up about what could be shown at the event.

Aside from a System Settings revamp and a "drag and drop" Control Center shift, news is starting to emerge about what's offered on watchOS 11, Apple's latest OS for its Apple Watch lineup - and it paints an interesting idea for what could arrive with the next model.

The report comes via Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, who notes when discussing what to expect at WWDC that Apple's Health app "is getting some upgrades, including improved blood pressure data management - in preparation for future Apple Watches to have hypertension detection."

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Blood pressure monitoring could be next for Apple Watch

Adding a blood pressure sensor to the next Apple Watch (seemingly the Series 10), Gurman has discussed the process in the past, noting the initial version will direct users to a Doctor to avoid misdiagnosis.

More advanced versions are intended to provide "exact numbers - and even diagnose related conditions", but we could be some way off that yet. It's possible to track this data already, but you need an additional device for it.

On a personal note, as someone whose Apple Watch spotted a heart irregularity that could have otherwise gone undiagnosed, I may have to upgrade from my Apple Watch Ultra sooner than I'd originally planned if this is coming this year.

Apple Watch Series 9 | $329 at Amazon

Apple Watch Series 9 | $329 at Amazon

You can save almost 25% on the current model of Apple Watch at Amazon right now if blood pressure monitoring isn't of interest to you.

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