Waiting to use ChatGPT 4o AI on a Mac, iPad, and iPhone? These two apps will let you use it already

MacGPT on Mac
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A couple of third-party developers have already updated their apps to support ChatGPT 4o, the huge new update to OpenAI’s assistant.

At an online keynote yesterday (May 14), OpenAI announced a bunch of updates. Among these, the new ChatGPT 4o, its artificial intelligence-based service, has faster response times, able to translate languages in real-time between two people. Also, users can talk to the assistant through audio and video. OpenAI also revealed plans for a native ChatGPT app, initially for macOS followed by Windows. Subscribers to ChatGPT Plus, priced at $20 per month can already use the macOS version — but free users will have to wait for it to be available in the future.

Once the keynote finished, OpenAI released the ChatGPT 4o framework for developers — this means that third-party apps can also use the assistant. Apps like MacGPT and Petey have already been updated to add support for ChatGPT 4o.

Developed by Jordi Bruin, MacGPT lets you use ChatGPT anywhere on a Mac. If you’d like to have the assistant on the Menu Bar or as a keyboard shortcut, it’s possible. It’s essentially given Mac users access to ChatGPT since March 2023. Petey, made by Hidde van der Ploeg, debuted on the Apple Watch around the same time as MacGPT, which eventually came to the iPad and iPhone later that year.

OpenAI’s announcements, as well as these two apps already supporting ChatGPT 4o, only underscore the limitations of Apple’s Siri assistant. Nevertheless, we may be hearing about an overhaul of Siri at Apple’s WWDC keynote conference on June 10. It’s expected that the company will announce a plethora of AI features for iOS 18 and its other software updates, potentially bringing Apple on par with the latest features OpenAI has announced.

I’ve used both apps since they launched, with no plans to stop — iMore’s take

Petey Apple Music playlist on iPhone

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I’m surprised that it took so long for OpenAI to release its own app for Mac. Considering the amount of apps we’ve all been able to download in the past year that have used ChatGPT in many ways, such as MacWhisper, it feels long overdue.

I’ve been using both Petey and MacGPT for over a year now. They’re both well-designed and have no problem answering almost any query I have when needed. With the new M4 iPad Pro available to buy from May 15, Petey could be the perfect app to showcase ChatGPT 4o on the tablet for your queries, a refreshing change from using Siri and its limited features compared to what OpenAI is offering.

While I’m excited to see what Apple has planned for Apple AI at WWDC, I’m happy to use Petey and MacGPT for the foreseeable future. I’m also curious about how it will use OpenAI’s fantastic features in its own ways. It’s an interesting time for AI, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the category will help users further over the coming months.

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