This iPhone and Apple Watch app is a must-have for SUP water sports lovers this summer

Screenshots of the Paddle Logger app from the Apple App Store.
Paddle Logger is a handy GPS tracker for paddle boarders. (Image credit: Paddle Logger/Apple App Store)
Paddle Logger

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(Image credit: Paddle Logger/Apple App Store)

iPhone/Apple Watch - Free trial (In-app purchases) 

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Summer is on the way and as the temperatures rise it’s the perfect time to get into the water. You might think the last thing you need an app for is water sports, but the Paddle Logger app is a handy tool for anyone trying paddle boarding for the first time through to experienced SUP-ers or other water adventurers.

Designed by paddlers for paddlers, this iPhone and Apple Watch app simplifies tracking your journeys on the water so you can focus on the thrill of paddling. Paddle Logger is incredibly easy to use with a one-button tracking feature. This means you just tap to start tracking and the app will take care of everything else – ideal when you’re entering the water and the last thing you want to do is be staring down at your phone. 

Seamless integration and safety features

The app is fully integrated with Apple Health, helping users meet their daily goals and close their health rings through their paddle sessions. It offers great compatibility with the Apple Watch, including the latest Apple Watch Ultra model that has the Action Button for easy use on-the-move. 

Paddle Logger offers detailed insights into your paddling sessions, not just time spent on the water. Paddlers can view performance data, track improvements in fitness levels, and access race modes with pre-loaded distances that are ideal for training or competing. The detailed digital logbook allows you to then annotate and share journeys.

One of the best features of the Paddle Logger app is PaddleLIFE. This is a tool that gives you and your loved ones peace of mind when you’re out on the water. It can keep family and friends updated with your location in real-time, ensuring you’re safe when you paddle out on your own. The app also includes a Water Lock feature, which means it prevents accidental input when the Apple Watch gets wet.

For anyone who wants to take their paddling more seriously, Paddle Logger offers a subscription service for $6.99/£6.99 a month that adds a suite of additional features. Subscribers gain access to virtual race features, enhanced session data including speed, pace, and splits, and the ability to edit trip maps post-paddle.

You don’t need an app to go paddle boarding. Especially if you’re going with friends or as part of a lesson and are less concerned with safety or tracking. But if you don’t mind getting a waterproof iPhone case or cover and want the extra peace of mind and tracking it promises, it could be a really handy companion. 


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