All the iPads Apple will still announce in 2024

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With its May 7 event now over, Apple has released two of the four new iPads it reportedly has slated for release in 2024. In contrast to 2023, which saw no new iPad hardware unveiled, this year Apple is expected to reboot its entire iPad lineup. We now have a stunning new M4 iPad Pro and a new M2 iPad Air, complemented by the wonderful Apple Pencil Pro. 

However, if you’ve been waiting for a new iPad mini or a new base model iPad, fret not. Both of these devices are still expected later this year. Here’s what Apple still has in store for the tablet faithful in 2024. 

Apple iPad 10

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The Core - Apple's remaining 2024 iPads

iPad mini 7

Apple’s popular tiny tablet is tipped to get an update later this year. Sadly, it reportedly won’t include much more than a processor upgrade. Currently sporting the A15 Bionic chip, it’s possible that we get the A16 or A17, or perhaps Apple will give us the M1 iPad mini, bringing all of its iPads into line with a serving of Apple silicon. 

The iPad mini 6 was a fairly dramatic overhaul with a new design and features, so don’t expect big changes to the iPad’s design language, which seems fairly fixed across the range. The biggest challenge Apple faces is overcoming the jelly-scrolling phenomenon that plagues the current model. 

iPad 11

Budget iPad lovers got a massive gift when Apple reduced the price of its base model iPad 10 to just $349, a move that signaled the death of the iPad 9 and its aging design. Just like the iPad mini 7, the iPad 11 is expected to be a fairly muted affair with a new processor and no big design changes. That means we can likely expect some colors, and a small spec bump. As with the iPad mini 7, the M1 chip seems the likely processor candidate if Apple wants to align all of its iPads around the M-series chips.  

If Apple’s previous lineup is anything to go by, we’d expect Apple to keep the iPad 10 in the lineup at a cheaper price, with an iPad 11 sat between it and the iPad Air.

Boot up

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iPad Air with M2 chipset

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