This huge portable charger is the only tech I’ve reviewed that has made my mom jealous

And it comes with a huge light.

Ugreen 48,000mAh portable charger
(Image: © Future)

iMore Verdict

This UGreen portable charger is not only super sturdy and comes with enough juice to charge your iPhone multiple times, but it tops that all off with a nice screen and built-in torch.


  • +

    Solid Charge

  • +

    Great build quality

  • +

    Some nifty features


  • -

    A little heavy

  • -

    There are options out there with better charge

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I have a habit of calling my mom and telling her about the tech I’m testing out. Given we live in different countries, this is more an excuse to chat than anything else. Yet, when I held up the UGreen 300W 48,000mAh power bank, the rest of our conversation revolved around it. 

My mom isn’t a particularly techy person but, when something is that right combination of flashy and practical, she suddenly becomes very techy. My mom regularly goes camping with my family and she’s an overpacker — someone who will bring an extension cord just in case all phones go dead at the same time. With this power bank, UGreen offers a large charge and convenience in the form of many ports, fast charging, and even a light on the side for power outages and camping. It’s a mighty bit of tech and one that, if my mother’s jealous looks are anything to go by, I may struggle to keep my hands on. 

UGreen portable charger: Price and availability

Ugreen 48,000mAh portable charger

(Image credit: Future)

Priced at $199.99, you can pick up this power bank at Amazon with next-day delivery or via UGreen’s own site for the same price. In my time monitoring the device, it has not gone on sale or out of stock. However, curiously, you can buy the charger with a 3.3ft USB A to USB C cable for just $144.99, making it much cheaper in a bundle. If you want this charger, this is the best way of getting it. 

There are no unique color schemes for this charger on either site so there’s no major difference between the two, though Amazon is likely the better choice thanks to the bundle deal and next-day delivery. 

UGreen portable charger: What I love

Ugreen 48,000mAh portable charger

(Image credit: Future)

UGreen’s 300W portable charger is super sturdy, and I’m never worried about it getting damaged in my backpack. It also comes with a light on the side which means it can be great in a power outage or while camping. That light on the side comes with three modes: low light, high light, and an SOS mode, which flashes on and off. The light uses very little of the battery, taking less than a single percent of the total battery over two hours of use. 

At 48,000mAh of battery, this power bank can fully charge an iPhone 15 Pro, the best iPhone right now, over 10 times. However, with three USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, you can fully charge your iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch, MacBook, and have an extra port for something else. It also has a pretty nifty display that not only gives you a reading of how much charge you have but your input and output in wattage, to more accurately predict how long your charge will last. 

Doing away with one of the only problems I run into with other portable chargers, UGreen’s power bank is capable of 300W charging, making it more than capable of keeping computers and even handheld devices topped up with their huge power consumption wasting quicker than the charger can work. As well as all of this, Lifepo4 batteries in the device mean that the device will last much longer than traditional devices. In five years time, this will keep more of its max charge than most of its competitors. 

UGreen portable charger: What I don't love

Ugreen 48,000mAh portable charger

(Image credit: Future)

This charger is huge, not just in size but in weight as well. I can comfortably get it into my backpack but even popping it out on a table at a cafe to charge my MacBook can be tedious and cumbersome. This is the type of device you use when you’re camping or when you don’t mind the odd glance from a stranger. 

In addition, despite coming with two USB-A slots and three USB-C ports, the UGreen 300W 48,000mAh portable charger only comes with a single USB-C cable and doesn’t include a plug to charge it from a wall outlet. You will need your own to get it working. 

UGreen portable charger: Competition

You don’t tend to find the same watt output and charge from devices without going for actual camping equipment. The Powdeom 300W power station, for instance, is about $20 more and has just under double the charge but it is significantly heavier and more clunky. It also doesn’t come with a display that is as smart. This is a better choice if you want a power bank specifically for camping but UGreen has it beat as more of a versatile power bank for most situations. 

You can also get power banks with as big a charge, like the 50,000mAh found in Enerwow’s 30W charger but UGreen’s two-way charging, host of safety features, and long-lasting batteries ensure you can use it for a much longer time. You’re paying a premium for something to last long and it will charge your devices quicker too. 

Should you buy the UGreen Portable Charger?

You should buy this if...

  • You need a lot of charge in your power bank
  • You want to go on day trips, city breaks, or camping
  • You want to charge your devices quickly

You shouldn't buy this if...

  • You only need to charge your iPhone once
  • You’re on a budget
  • You don’t care about fast charging

UGreen Portable Charger: Verdict

I’ve tested a lot of power banks and UGreen’s 300W 48,000 mAh power bank sits near the top of the pile for me, thanks to fast charging, a high-capacity battery, and some very good safety features. It’s light enough for me to justify bringing with me to a cafe in the off chance they don’t have plugs yet versatile enough to work on a camping trip too. 

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