This updated fan favorite iPad accessory works with the latest models and the Apple Pencil Pro

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Apple's iPad line-up just got a major overhaul, with the new iPad Air 6 are iPad Pro M4 both available in 11in and 13in sizes. The new Air packs the M2 chipset, while the Pro is noticeably thinner, lighter, has a stunning OLED screen, and has more power on tap with the M4 chipset. Both tablets support the all-new Apple Pencil Pro. And now, a fan favorite third-party iPad accessory has been updated to support all of the new devices.

The Rock Paper Pencil is one of the first third-party accessories for the new iPads ant the Apple Pencil Pro. It's designed to make drawing feel much more natural on the iPad. Rather than overhauling the design, the screen protector now supports the latest iPad Air and Pro in both sizes. And the magnetic tips for the Apple Pencil are compatible with the new Pro version.

When we looked at the Rock Paper Pencil before, we said that "it’s given me the opportunity to rethink having another go with iPad. Making the device feel as close as possible to actually writing on paper is an attractive concept." The latest version is available to buy from the Astropad shop for $39.99. It'll ship worldwide, but there are only limited quantities of the new sizes.

What is the Rock Paper Pencil?

The Astropad Rock Paper Pencil comes with two things in one. You get a screen protector that magnetically snaps into place and has a matte finish to mimic the feel of paper. If you prefer the feeling of the traditional glass screen when not drawing, however, it’s magnetic so you can pop it off when you’re done. It also means you can put another screen protector underneath – double win. 

There are also two tips to put on your Apple Pencil in the box that act like a ballpoint pen. This allows for much more precise control when drawing or writing, and they can be taken off and put back on in an instant. The magnetic protector and the pen tip combine to apply that friction and feel you expect when drawing on paper or a canvas.

If you've not got one of the latest iPad models, you'll be pleased to hear that the accessory is also compatible with the previous 12.9” iPad Pro, previous 11” iPad Pro, and iPad Air 5.

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