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The Apple Watch X is expected to be a major shakeup from previous watch iterations and, if it follows the footsteps of the similarly memorable iPhone X, it could be on its way to doing so. Originally theorized to be called the Apple Watch Series 10, all major rumors and analyses point to it being called the Apple Watch X. 

Despite being likely months away, Apple Watch X is already making a bit of an impact as it is expected to be a pretty huge difference from previous watches. Being a celebration of the ten-year anniversary of Apple Watch, it is anticipated to have thinner bezels, new health features, and, as usual, a new watchOS update. 

Given Apple has had a few controversial months with its wearable line, thanks to the Masimo blood oxygen lawsuit, Apple has to come out strong with its next watch and we think it could be huge.  It is unsure how Apple is trying to tackle the blood oxygen monitor changes but some rumors have suggested even more interesting health feature upgrades. 

This is everything we know about the Apple Watch X so far. 

Apple Watch X: Release Date Rumors

As reported by Bloomberg, the Apple Watch X, or Apple Watch Series 10, is set to launch around the 10th anniversary of the iconic wearable. If all goes ahead as planned, this means we could see a release date of April 2025 or perhaps an unveiling in the second half of 2024 with a release soon after

The Apple Watch officially launched on April 24, 2015, after an announcement a year prior in 2014. Though Apple could plan to launch the watch on April 24, 2025, the month is probably a more important anniversary than the specific day. Every Apple Watch since the first one has launched around September and October so there’s also a chance the Apple Watch X will be announced in April 2024/2025 for a launch in September that year. 

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"I love what Apple did with the iPhone X, so I'm really excited to see how the company celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch."

Apple Watch X: Price Expectations

For the last five years, Apple has stayed steadfast in launching its flagship watches at a base price of $399, with the ability to pay more for a bigger display, extra features, and different band types. For this reason, we imagine the Apple Watch X will come in at a similar price.

However, the Apple Watch X is being set up to be a big upgrade over the previous generation so there’s a chance it could bridge the gap between the standard Series watches and the Ultras in price. 

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Apple Watch X: Design

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg states that Apple designers are currently working on a thinner watch case and want to change how bands are attached. Wrapping around your arm, then sliding into a small bracket and locking in place, this has previously worked quite well as it makes some old bands compatible with new watches. Apple is exploring a new magnetic band to free up more space which allows them to experiment with size a little more. 

To accompany this, the Watch X is reported to have a thinner design with smaller bezels and a watch case. This seems like a conscious move to place it in between the SE and the Ultra 2. Where the SE comes in smaller sizes and does away with extra features like the blood oxygen sensor and fast charging, the Ultra 2 is bigger with a more durable frame and brighter screen. The X seems like it will place in between these in both size and features. 

Apple Watch X: Features

Top analyst Ross Young previously reported that the Apple Watch will get a microLED display in 2025 or even as late as 2026, skipping out on the Apple Watch Series 9 which launched a few months ago. Though consumers missed out this year, this does leave room for its integration into the Apple Watch X. But Apple may skip it entirely and opt to use it exclusively in the next generation of Apple Watch Ultra. 

Though this has been a rumor for years, it seems possible we could finally get blood pressure monitoring as part of the suite of health features. This would sit alongside blood oxygen and heartbeat monitoring to give more accurate health readings. This would be reliant on FDA certification. 

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Apple Watch X: Size

As of right now, we have no reason to believe the base size of the Apple Watch will be very different. The Series 9 comes in 41mm and 45mm, while the Series 8 and SE were available in 40mm and 44mm. Though there are minor differences, we can’t imagine the Apple Watch X will change sizes any more than a few mm. 

Despite this, changing the watch band and frame will make the Watch X seem smaller even if the display is the same basic size. There have been no official reports either way here yet. 

Apple Watch X: Battery Life

The Apple Watch Series 8, Series 9, and SE all claim 18 hours of battery life, meaning that you should get a full day out of it if you charge it every night. The Ultra 2, on the other hand, manages to get 36 hours per charge — a step above the competition. It seems unlikely the Watch X will match this and the charges of the recent models. We're expecting some improvements from the Watch X regardless though, as recent reports have alluded to a new low-temperature technology coming to the upcoming Watch.

Currently, Apple Watches use a mix of two oxide transistors to power their OLED displays, but this new design would only use one — resulting in better battery life for the Watch X. We're not sure how much of an improvement, but we're hopeful that a 20-hour battery life could be possible due to this new display technology.

Apple Watch Series 8

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Why won't it be called the Apple Watch Series 10?

The X naming convention is something Apple originally adopted with the Apple iPhone X back in 2017 and hasn't hit the 10th generation of a device since. However, rumors have been floating around an Apple Watch X for over a year now and Bloomberg's Mark Gurman, a leading industry analyst, reported on the Apple Watch X being in development last August. 

Calling it the Apple Watch X helps to establish its identity as a must-have watch, something Apple could benefit from given the controversies around the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and Apple Watch Series 9, the best Apple Watch right now. 

watchOS 11

Like clockwork, the latest watchOS update has arrived alongside the next major batch of Watches. Here is the release date of all previous watchOSes:

  • watchOS 2 released on September 21, 2015
  • watchOS 3 released on September 13, 2016
  • watchOS 4 released on September 19, 2017
  • watchOS 5 released on September 17, 2018
  • watchOS 6 released on September 19, 2019
  • watchOS 7 released on September 16, 2020
  • watchOS 8 released on September 20, 2021
  • watchOS 9 released on September 12, 2022
  • watchOS 10 released on September 18, 2023

For this reason, we anticipate that watchOS11 will come out in September 2024. Though we don’t have any concrete information here, we anticipate it will be unveiled at WWDC 2024 and will come with upgrades to apps, UI, and some extra services like health resources.

Apple Watch X: Rumors

Apple has been working on blood glucose monitoring for Apple devices for a decade now. Though it seems unlikely it will be ready in time for the launch of the Apple Watch X, we still have some time until launch. Being in development for some time, this is likely part of a push for more health features in future Apple wearables.

With a push towards wireless charging over the last few years, the Apple Watch X could come with easier and more efficient wireless charging. It could work with other Apple wireless charging devices so you don’t have to bring more than one wire out with you. This could also be tied in with a better battery life. Though the Apple Watch has a decent battery life, the Watch X could be a little better alongside that new design. 

Apple watchOS 10

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Apple Watch X: Q&A

How big is the Apple Watch X?

Though we don't have the full details just yet, we anticipate the Apple Watch X will have somewhat customizable sizes like previous watches. This could be 40mm and 44mm like the Series 7 or 41mm and 45mm like the Series 8 and 9. When you combine this with different band types, there’s quite a lot you can change around.

Is the Apple Watch X waterproof?

All recent Apple Watches are considered water-resistant, with particular attention paid to how far you can swim with them. For light swimming, showering, and walking in the rain, we anticipate the Apple Watch X will be absolutely fine. If you want to go very deep, you may be better off with a watch from the Ultra line. 

Is the Apple Watch Series 10 the Apple Watch X?

Yes, the Apple Watch X will likely be the 10 and then, the year after that, Apple will release the Apple Watch Series 11.

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